Party Plan

By Kay Green,
Copyright 2000-2013

So you need a way to connect with customers on a regular basis every week. There is a way! The party plan template that you see with Tupperware, Discovery Toys, Party Lite continues because it works. Why?

1. It put a group of customers in front of you at one time.
2. They are motivated to buy because every one there is buying.
3. It exposes you and your products to more people.
4. It continues because at each party you get bookings for more.
5. It gets you into new circles of people regularly.
6. It builds your repeat customer base.

So how do you get started?
1. Have a "See My Business" party in your home.

Pick an evening or Saturday and invite 40 women to come. YES 40, since only half will come. Show the products. Explain the features and benefits of each product. Answer questions. Give away a prize in a drawing. Take orders or sell out right. Then give a benefit to those who will have a party or show in their home for you. You will sell an average of $30 per person.

2. Get 6 friends to each have a party in their home.

I offer them a free kit when 5 buying guests come plus 10% of the sales in free product when sales are over $150. You could give her a half price item for every friend who books and hold a party. Maybe allow her to buy the half price item at her friends show.

You could set a minimum in sales to earn gifts. It is your business so you set the limits and gifts. Since you buy at 50% off (unlike the other party plan companies that buy at 25-25% off), you have room to give hostess incentives. The gifts and incentives come out of your 50% off when ordering $100 wholesale worth. So be sure to order wisely.

3. At each of those 6 parties ask every buying guest (when totaling their order) if they would like to have a home show and share the products with their friends and family too. If you don't ask, they can not say yes. Open your date book and tell them what dates you have available.

4. You could gather facts and handouts of child safety information to share. The is much available on line about children's safety. Pick what appeals to you. You could play games or have door prize drawings.

5. At each party have your foam board display set up. Talk about each product and why they need it. Have kits available to buy on the spot or take orders.

6. You could make it into mom and me craft class and have kits for them to make up on the spot so they go home with finished products.

I have done this successfully with Discovery Toys and Tupperware. It does work! If you are serious about making profit each and every week this is the way to do it. It will get your name and product into the community. You can also set up fundraisers at schools and day care centers from these parties too.

See the party plan hostess letter on the sales material page.

Are you serious about your business? Will you give it a try and see that this does work! You will succeed and increase sales quickly this way. E-mail me if you have questions.

When I do a class/party:

Welcome them and thank the hostess. I tell them what I am giving the hostess for the class  (you choose what to give away of your profits.)

I tell the guests they can have a class too and help protect their friends children and earn free products too. I give the hostess a half price item for every booking dated and held   I give them each a drawing slip for the door prize drawing. The paper asks if they want o hold a class, become a rep, be on my mailing list, know an organization that needs a fundraiser. Then I draw one name for a small gift.   Then I tell them why I run My Precious Kid - why child safety is so important to me.

I usually tell a couple real stories like

- the grandma who had grand daughter burned while with her and they had to wait at ER for several hours waiting for mom since no medical release card - little girl in pain - the little boy that wondered away from school and had a seizure - and the ID Bracelet  helped a adult get him help and home.

I talk about why it is important to fingerprint all kids. We do it hoping we never need to use it - like insurance. But knowing it will save time if it is ever needed. I allow them to ask questions- and give a drawing ticket for every question they ask. I use each question to talk about one product. These questions give me lots of places to talk about the products and our mission.

At some point I talk about the need for car seat safety. I remind them about our states rule for car seats - 6 years PLUS 60 pounds. I talk about the car seat cards. I tell them we are all more likely to be in a car accident with our kids then to have a child be missing. I tell them that if I am in a car accident with Haley and I am hurt and can not talk for her - I want the hospital to know how to get a hold of daddy or sis. I want them to know about her allergies. want them to be able to call her doctor. I usually pass out my article on car seat safety and the most common mistakes. I ask them who has an ID card on their child's car seat.

I usually have some free safety flyers and such to give away. I talk about which of our products are good for gift giving. I pass the sample around so they can handle them. Then I talk about the opportunity of MPK

Buying products to protect their children Holding a party and earn free products Becoming a rep and helping to save other children too. Then I offer tickets for placing their order, dating a party, signing as a rep. Then I collect orders, answer questions, ask each person as they place their order if they want to date a party. After all is done I put all the tickets in the bowl and draw out a winner. I based what I give away on the amount of the order. The more that is sold the more I can give away. It might be a product of choice. It might be some little items from the dollar tree. It might be a MPK pen or..................

Then I thank them for coming and say goodnight

What to put in your hostess packet?

Hostess Letter
Hostess Form
20 Products Flyers/order forms
Recruit Info
Guest List Form
SASE envelope

What to put in the Parent Pack

Your Class Outline
About you sheet
Business card
Free safety fliers
Recruit Info Sheet
Hostess Program Sheet

Sample Hostess Letter
My Precious Kid

Thank you for scheduling your My Precious Kid ID home demo with me. You will enjoy getting together with your friends and knowing you will contribute to their children’s safety.

Date: ________________
Time: ________________
I will arrive: ______________

You will receive:

A. A free ID kit with 5 buying members present

B. 10% of the sales in free products when your sales reach the $150 minimum. OR
C. 15% of sales in free products when you sales reach $300.

D. ½ price item for every party dated by your guests

E. An extra gift when you have $100 in sales and 3 parties booked when I get there.

1. Invite more people than you want to attend. Usually 25-50% of those invited come. Invite 20-40!

2. Invite in person or on the phone.

3. Send me your invitation list by ______________________ so I can send reminders for you. Do this after you have called them all.

4. Make a reminder phone call the day before asking for a definite answer!!

5. Plan simple refreshments.

6. Have them bring 3 photos of their child for each kit. (a head shot that can be cut to 1 inch) if they want to make kits there.

7. Take order for kits from those who cannot attend.

8. Let me know if the party will be with kids (making kits) or moms only.

I am enclosing a laminated poster to show those you are inviting and taking orders from. I am also enclosing some forms for outside orders. Let me know if you have any questions or need anything.

I am so excited about all the free products you will be getting for the kids in your family and for gifts. If you find you like thee products as much as I do and would like to help protect children, let me know and we can use this party as a starter demo for you and the bookings can start your home business too!

You can reach me at:

Here are some great dating training tips

Extraordinary Hostess Coaching

I think what you do BEFORE your shows will impact your show average more than what you do AT your shows! HOSTESS COACHING is the key to a high show average and a bonus can also help with getting bookings too!!!! My hostesses receive several things in the mail from me as well as telephone calls before their show . . . I want to keep them excited and informed. I want her to know I am thinking about HER and making her show SUCCESSFUL!

Always write at the top of the blank guest list in their packet "Return by ________" -- it works wonders! Also include a brightly colored, self addressed, stamped envelope if needed. If you have a fax or email ask them send it to you like that it is much faster (I have my fax number, my email address, and my mailing address on the invitation list.)

I send a "thank you" postcard immediately after they book their show with me and I put a sticker on it that says "I'm Watching for your Guest List" (postcards and stickers from Jenny B -- 1-800-5-JENNYB).

Shortly thereafter, I mail out a challenge-- Usually one of these:

A. "My personal Challenge" Get $100 or more in outside orders before your show AND have a total of 13 or more buying guests by the end of your show and I will give a Family Travel Pack for 1/2 price. You can not believe the response I get! They will usually have more that $100 in outside orders--once they start getting orders it gets them excited and they get more.
B. "Tic Tac Toe" challenge. Hostesses have the opportunity to earn additional free credit based on how many tic tac toes they get! The boxes have things like hold show on original date (center box), return guest list by specified time, collect $100+ in outside orders, take 30 minutes to listen to the MPK income opportunity, have 15 or more buying guests, have $500+ in sales, etc. **** I find that they pay more attention to the challenge by mailing it out separately rather than putting it in the original Hostess Collection envelope! I will also include a copy of the hostess specials on the back if they did not get it originally when they booked their show.

If I don't get their Guest Lists back, I call them! I do not cause panic because then they have a reason to cancel!!! I simply say that if they'd like me to send out written reminders to their guests I need their list ASAP. Otherwise they can just re-invite everyone verbally! I never call the reminder cards--invitations. I explain that I will send put reminders to everyone and I usually do this about 4-5 days before the show. I tell the hostess they will still need to PERSONALLY call each guest and invite them. I use the opportunity on the phone to see how many they've invited, are they encouraging friends, etc. Also -- If I do get their list back and it doesn't have at least 20 names on it -- I CALL THEM!!! I nicely explain that I want to help them think of others they may invite because only 1/2 to 1/3 of the people on a list typically show up! If I can't help her think of anyone else to add, I offer an incentive for her to call each one on the list already and encourage them to each bring 1-2 friends.

Then I send another mailing the day the reminder cards have been sent out. And I always send a reminder card with this mailing so she can see what her guests are getting--

Side 1- A letter telling them the reminder cards have been sent out and that I have put a star on two of the reminder cards. If they find both of the stars they will get a special gift from me. And if each person who had the stars comes to the show they will each get a gift too. Obviously this will encourage the hostess to call each guest to remind them about the show, to bring a guest, to order if they can't come, to book a show of their own to help her out, and of course to find out if they have a star!! This has worked great for me--Great attendance.
Side 2- I have information showing Option A (a regular show) vs. Option B (a starter show) and how they can easily turn their upcoming show into a wonderful new business for themselves!!!

One more phone call a couple of days before or the day of (especially if you think they might cancel) I want to see how many guests they are expecting (I offer an incentive to increase the # if it is low), directions to their home, see if they found the stars--if not encourage them to try calling anyone they have not gotten a hold of and to see which Option they chose for their show -- A or B???

AFTER THE SHOW -- I DO NOT leave the hostess copies of the Guest Orders right away -- I bring them home to make sure they are easily readable and correct so my hostess isn't frustrated when separating the orders later! I send her all the hostess receipts with letter for each guest telling them "Thank You for Helping your hostess earn X in free product for X amount" the letter also encourages them to book a show or to call me anytime if they want to reorder. The letter goes in each guest’s bag. I also include a thank you note to the hostess, my business card magnet and a coupon which offers her an additional $10 in free product when she books another MPK show within 1 year!

I get a LOT of re-bookings! I hope it's because I've made my hostess feel special and made her job easy enough to do again. I have a $550 show average and the average guests at my shows is approx. 10-12. I hope this info helps someone else to boost their show average! GOOD LUCK and happy COACHING!

P.S. To keep track of what you have done for your hostess use a checklist for each hostess.

Scavenger Hunt
1. Book a show with someone who has a new home.
2. Book a show with someone who has red hair.
3. Book a show with someone who is a grandmother.
4. Book a show with someone who has a green car.
5. Book a show with someone who has a twins.
6. Book a show with someone who lives in an apartment.
7. Book a show with someone who has a pool.
8. Book a show with someone who has a dog.
9. Book a show with someone who has blonde hair.
10. Book a show with someone who has a garden.
11. Book a show with someone who has a hot tub.
12. Book a show with someone who has a son and daughter.
13. Book a show with someone who is pregnant.
14. Book a show with someone who is named Kathy.
15. Book a show with a guy.
16. Book a show with a family member.
17. Book a show with a teacher.
18. Book a show with a nurse.
19. Book a show with a neighbor.
20. Book a show with a referral.
21. Book 4 new shows within the next month.
22. Book an outdoor show.
23. Book a show out of town.
24. Book 2 shows at a show.
25. Book a double hostess show.

From: Brenda Ellsworth

Some things to always do in your business:
~ Keep it basic
~ Have good customer service
~ Set a good example of others
~ Be the "head" or be the "lead"
~ Be consistent

Never say:
~ They didn't get back to me
It is up to you to follow up and follow through. If you don't someone else will!
~ I thought someone else was taking care of it
Never assume, always follow up. Over-communication is a good thing!
~ No one every told me
Everyone has the same information available to them through MPK, or their upline. Everyone is even able to call into the home office
~ I don't have time
That is ok. You will get out of this business what you put into it!
~ I was to busy

What are some things that keep you from working this business?
Lack of focus
Not asking

Don't we all see one of these things as an obstacle at least once a day? It is up to us to move forward. To climb that hill. You have to go through the rain to get to the rainbow! Excuses are useless. We as leaders are here to help you. One downfall. We don't know if you need help when you don't ask! You have to ask!

We all have a box of chocolates in our possession. If you do not offer the chocolates (sponsoring or booking a spa show) you are not giving that person a a chance to say no. It is not fair to not share! You are not giving them the opportunity to say no thank you, or YES! I'd like to try that! What if you were not offered this opportunity. Where would you be right now?

So, from this point on, how you accept thing's is up to you.
Attitude determines altitude!

When your dreams turn to dust...VACUUM!

I will close with this quote:
" Insanity- wanting different things to happen in your life, and doing nothing different!"

From Missy, a MPK sales Rep:

What about their friends and family? Ask for leads from everyone! Have you checked out everyone in your circle? Not juts your circle of friends but how about the teller at the bank? When you make your deposits, can you see any pictures of kids near by? Give her or him a catalog and offer a free gift or a small discount for either placing an order or hosting a party. How about the gal in the grocery store? You know they one in the baby isle? Yea, the one shopping! Have you told her about the fabulous products you sell? Give her a catalog! Get her name and tell her you would love to call her later and tell her some ways she can prevent her baby from a child abduction! Do you have a hospital near by? Ask to speak to the person in charge of the huffy puffy breathing classes. See if you can add some literature to the free bundles of info they give out to their clients and new parents. How about the library? Have you ever seen a mom and her child there? Do they offer some kind of mom and me days? See if you can get in there and do a class for them. Don't get discouraged! For every NO that you do get there will be 10 YES's!!! Just look outside of the box! Hold your arms out at your sides, stretch them way out there as far as you possibly can. See where your fingertips stop? Go beyond there to find your next resource!! Step outside of your Box and talk to anyone who will listen! You will have huge success in this business as long as you go the extra mile! Trust me!

Kay & Haley Green

Articles written by Kay Green, Child Safety Expert, and Christian mom to Melissa 30 (married to Matthew), Jordan 27 (married to Katie), Allison 25, Haley 12. Kay and Russell, her husband of 33 years live in rural Oregon.

Kay's first granddaughter Madison Kay was born December 2006. Twin grandsons Micah & Mason were born May 2009. Granddaughter Emma Kate was born in September 2010. Child Safety, Cloth Diaper & Baby Gear Store Author and Family Site Helping others build businesses
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