Do You Need $1000?

By Kay Green,
Copyright 2003-2013

How many of you would love to clear $1000 in your home business each month??? or $500? Or $1500? How much money do you NEED to clear each month in your business? How can you possibly do it?

Well lets start looking at this from the bottom line up.

You need/want $1000 profit this month?
How much profit do you make on your products? My reps for My Precious Kid® make 50% profit so I will start with that number. You use you own number

$1000 at 50% profit means I need to sell $2000 retail plus another $200 for hostess gifts.

$2200 minus $200 hostess gifts minus $1000 products leaves $1000 profit roughly.

How much do you average per party/class or event do you sell? I average $200 so I will use that number.

$2200 divided by a $200 class means 11 classes or events I need to hold this month.

I know I will also have some web site sales, some individual sales and some classes cancel?

I will try to date 12 classes (3 a week) to make this goal.

How many contact calls do I need to make to get 12 classes. I figure 10 calls will average me one dating. 120 calls is 6 a weekday. I will make a goal of 6-10 calls a weekday. Again I know some days I will do more some less. I know sometimes I an date 4 out of 10 and some days 1 out of 10.

I make it into a game for myself. I make a check off list for you 10 calls a day 5 days a week. Make a chart for 12 classes a week. Make a chart for $2200 in sales a month. I keep a running total thru the month, checking off the charts as I go. I can plan an open house in my home at the end of the month to help finish strong. I might even offer a discount coupon to all my hostesses that month to come to my end of the month party and buy one more item at discount.

What you accomplish in your business is up to you. The time and effort you extend will show up in sales and contacts. God can and will bless our businesses. We have to take the first step and WORK our business. What will next month look like for you and your business? Will you have $1000 profit? Why not?  

Kay & Haley Green

Articles written by Kay Green, Child Safety Expert, and Christian mom to Melissa 30 (married to Matthew), Jordan 27 (married to Katie), Allison 25, Haley 12. Kay and Russell, her husband of 33 years live in rural Oregon.

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