Making Business Contacts and Selling

by Kay Green,
Copyright 2003-2013

I use a 4x6 box to keep all contact cards and door prize drawing slips from events. I keep their name and contact info, what they bought, what info I talked to them about, what they may need in the future, and when to call them next. Make your list and work on one category a week

Call the contact asking if you can send them free information on your products and your fundraiser program or home class options or a party? (decide in advance what your desired outcome is and what to offer them)

If an organization: Ask who to send the materials in attention to.
Send all the contacts info at once and then call back one week later.
Ask if they got the material? Do they have any questions? 
When would they like to schedule their FREE event?

If they say no ask if you can provide free flyers for all the children/parents in their organization or for their friends.

The KEY is the call back. Do not assume they will call you back. Do not waste your money sending them out and not follow up.

Turn any NO into at least sending free flyers home with all their kids or parents. Have a form on your web site that lets people order free flyers for their organization or event.

How much money do you need to earn each month? Lets figure out how to make $1000 profit a month! Means selling $2000 retail (if you get 50% off) plus some for expenses so lets say $2500. That means at $250 per class you need 10 events a month. That is 3 a week with room for cancellations. What do you need to do to book 3 a week. Keep in mind that every week that you hold 3 you will probably date 3-6 more from those events. Also keep in mind that if you event sales are more or less you can adjust. Also remember that at fundraiser you are splitting your profits but sales tend to be higher since more motivation to buy. PS a CLASS can be a  class, fundraisers,  home party, fair or booth.

1.  All the OB/GYN Doctors in the phone book
2.  Scout troops in your area (call the scouting office)
3.  Local schools in your area
4.  Local Mom's Club or Mop's group
5.  The hospital's : new moms groups, breastfeeding groups, gift shop)
6.  Children's Resale Shops
7.  Car Dealerships in your area (they may buy to give away with car sales)
8.  Insurance agencies in your area (they may buy to give away)
9.  Realtors in your area (they may use to give away)
10. Large corporate companies - employee relations (do a lunch time free class for parents there)
11. Chamber of Commerce- leave flyers there
12. Welcome Wagon - put flyers in their baskets
13. Local area gyms - leave a flyer rack or drawing box
14. Hair and Beauty Places - leave flyer rack or drawing box
15. Preschools and Day Care Centers
16. Park District - Ask about teaching a class
17. Community College - Ask about teaching a non-credit one day class

What about their friends and family?  Ask for leads from everyone!  Have you checked out everyone in your circle?  Not juts your circle of friends but how about the teller at the bank?  When you make your deposits, can you see any pictures of kids near by?  Give her or him a catalog and offer a free gift or a small discount for either placing an order or hosting a party.  How about the gal in the grocery store?  You know they one in the baby isle?  Yea, the one shopping!  Have you told her about the fabulous products you sell?  Give her a catalog!  Get her name and tell her you would love to call her later and tell her some ways she get free products!  Do you have a hospital near by?  Ask to speak to the person in charge of the huffy puffy breathing classes.  See if you can add some literature to the free bundles of info they give out to their clients and new parents.  How about the library?  Have you ever seen a mom and her child there?  Do they offer some kind of mom and me days?  See if you can get in there and do a class for them.  Don't get discouraged!  For every NO that you do get there will be 10 YES's!!!  Just look outside of the box!  Hold your arms out at your sides, stretch them way out there as far as you possibly can.  See where your fingertips stop?  Go beyond there to find your next resource!!  Step outside of your Box and talk to anyone who will listen!  You will have huge success in this business as long as you go the extra mile!  Trust me!
By Missy Lundeen

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Kay & Haley Green

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