20 Ways to Increase Your Web Site Traffic

by Kay Green, www.MyPreciousKid.com
Copyright 2005-2013

1. Make your web site inviting with enough information and resources to keep your traffic coming back. Do not have too many gadgets or distracting things on the opening page. Add things to bring them back. Once there, make sure they can see HOW to order.

2. Contests - Run a contest to get new site visitors. I run my quarterly contest for newsletter signups - which give me 3 months to reach them 3 times with my products and specials. Get this page listed in the many contest directories online. This gives you a LINK BACK.

3. Freebies - again search the web for free things on line that you an offer to your visitors. Then list your freebies page on the many freebies directories. This gives you a LINK BACK. Offer a free download sheet for your customers. A color sheet for children. Safety Tips for parents. http://www.mypreciouskid.com/free.html

4. Newsletter - I do a monthly newsletter to 1000 parents where I share articles, tips, recipes, and ideas on my area. I also offer a coupon code for a discount on one of my products and promo new products in that issue. I use yahoo groups to send this out. Then I create page on my site for each newsletter. Then I create a newsletter directory for a year s worth of newsletters. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/preciouskids/

5. Resources - Create a page listing resources your customers might like. Keep it relevant to your site and target audience. What information would your target audience be looking for. http://www.mypreciouskid.com/wahm-resources.html

6. FREE e-books to download. Write it yourself or get mine http://www.mypreciouskid.com/downloads/50tips.pdf  Lots of authors will allow you to give away their ebook for free if you link tot heir site too.

7. Donate a product as a prize for a contest on another site. This gives you a LINK BACK. Often the owner will ask the entrant to visit your site to answer a question. The winner gets to try your products for free and may come back to order again.

8. Do link exchanges with other web sites that have similar customers. Create a LINKS page where you put other sites text link and description. Create a LINK TO US Page with a form they can fill out to be added to your site. http://www.mypreciouskid.com/link-to-us.html

9. Offer an free affiliate program. Mtracker offers free tracking at http://www.mals-e.com  See mine at http://www.mypreciouskid.com/affiliate.html  And affiliate program allows you to pay a commission to other sites for selling your products.

10. Do browser open exchanges like   or others that target your audience. This puts your site in front of other site owners. My site ahs gained 13,000 views this way.

11. Use your URL email for all correspondence. People will remember what my url is when I use Kay@mypreciouskid.com  rather than kay@yahoo.com 

12. Get your own domain name URL. http://www.mypreciouskid.com  is more easily remembered than   Domains are only $8 a year a well worth the investment. To be looked at as a professional business, your own domain name I a must.

13. Use your advertising dollars wisely. Be sure you are reaching your targeted audience. Get listed in directories with high traffic and targeted markets. Barter advertising space with other sites.

14. Find your niche and stay with it. Become an expert on one topic rather than every topic. Expert of one is better than mediocre of many. Do what you do well!!

15. Make sure your web site directs your traffic to where you want them to go. Is it easy to navigate? Do they know where to go to find what you sell? Have you given them reasons to buy from you? Do they know how? Have your contact info on EVERY page including an email link. Have a privacy policy. Help them feel they can trust you.

16. Add customer comments that give new customers a peace of mind in buying from you. Include the comment maker’s web address or email if possible so they can verify them. Ask every customer to write a product review in exchange for a discount on their next purchase.http://www.mypreciouskid.com/comments.html

17. Write articles on your subject of expertise. Offer them to newsletters, web sites, and ezines. Your bio line at the end will include your web site and bring added traffic and increase your notoriety as an expert in your field. Mine are at http://www.mypreciouskid.com/articles/index.html

18. Write a press release or have it written. Submit it to all your state radio, TV and newspapers. Post it on your site. Often you can barter for this service. The best press release writers also have the ability to submit it for you as well. http://www.mypreciouskid.com/press.html

19. Create a small site map summary as text links on the bottom of your page. Make it easy for your customers to find what they want on your site. Each key word should link to that subject on your web page.

20. Make 10 offline contacts every day. When you a meet a person give them something that puts your URL in their hands. Business card, coupon pack, sample, etc. These offline contacts will bring online traffic. Most people selling online forget this OFFLINE population they meet every week.

Remember that you are competing with several million other web sites. All these things work but take time. Online marketing is about those who stay with it, work diligently and consistently and build their business both online and offline by creating community with others. What you do today may make an impact 4, 6 or 8 weeks from now!

More ARTICLES about business, parenting, adoption, homeschool and more by Kay Green!

More ARTICLES about business, parenting, adoption, homeschool and more by Kay Green!

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