Fundraiser Plan

By Kay Green,
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Plan A - Send a package with flyers for an organization to collect orders. Offer them a percentage of your profits when they collect over $100 in orders.

IPlan B - Demonstration for an Organization

Set up a table with a display and notebook. Do a presentation of all the products and their features and benefits. Do a door prize draw to get lead slips. Then collect the orders or sell on the spot. Then I would deliver the rest of the orders 2 weeks later.

I wanted to mention that sometimes your smaller groups have the BEST Fundraisers so don't over look them! I make up a Fundraiser Info Pack and include 2 flyers, a printed out worksheet that gives them examples of how much their group can earn, a sheet that explains how our Fundraiser Works, any incentives or specials you may offering, contact info for you and so forth.

Here are some suggestions on groups who hold fundraisers so make a list and start contacting them!

#1) Cub Scouts
#2) Girl Scouts
#3) 4-H Clubs
#4) Gymnastic Centers & Clubs
#5) Little Girls Ballet & Dance Centers & Clubs
#6) Little League Baseball
#7) Peewee, Pony & Midgets Foot Ball Teams
#8) Independent Cheerleading Centers & Clubs
#9) Local Athletic Associations
#10) Local Daycare Centers
#11) In-Home Daycare Centers
#12) Local Medical Orgs. i.e.. red cross, united way etc but your best bet is to contact your local chapters of these Major Organizations.
#13) Oncology Doctor Offices or Centers, a lot of Oncologists Offices (Cancer) Due fundraisers to help with research & a cure on Cancer. In our local area they hold fundraisers, yard sales, bake sales, cookbook drives don't forget about them!
#14) Local Art Associations
#15) Local Craft Associations
#16) High School Athletics Dept. (depts for football, baseball, hockey, softball, field hockey and so forth! All of the different sports a high school might have!)
#17) High School Senior Class Trip Advisors
#1 High School Choir Advisor
#19) Your Local Good Will, Salvation Army etc. See if they are doing any fundraising drives and see if you can add your fundraising program to it!
#20) Local Fire Houses
#21) Local Ambulance Associations
#22) Local Police Associations
#23) Local Humane Society
#24) Other Local Pet Rescue Organizations
#25) Orphanages or Foster Care Associations
#26) Local Sporting Arenas
#27) Local Churches & Places of Worship Groups
#2 Other High School Clubs such as: Drama Club, Key Club, French & Spanish Club, Chess Club etc.
#29) Your local FOOD BANK or Food Pantry Organization
#30) Your Local Women Services Group ie. Battered Women's Shelter, Single Moms Groups and so forth.
#31) Your Local Office of Aging
#32) American Legions Clubs
#33) Local Lions Club
#34) Local Hospitals who do fundraising to raise money for NEW Medical Equipment, Research, Wing Additions and so forth.
#35) Long Term Care Facilities for the Elderly
#36) Local Theaters and Comedy Clubs
#37) Local Historic Societies
#3 Local Tourist Attractions
#39) Offer to throw a Fundraiser for a Local Family YOURSELF who needs help in your community!
#40) Local or Township Community Centers

There are a lot of places to contact about the type of fundraising opportunities that you offer! I tell my consultants to make a list and then set a reasonable goal for themselves. I recommend making 5 fundraising contacts per month. You can do this by sending a packet of your info to the group, by making a phone call or by personally dropping off the packet of info.

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