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Looking for a great way to get your company info out to others! Try making coupon packs. Make up coupon packs in 5.5x8.5 envelopes. Swap your coupons/fillers with others small businesses. A filler can be a flyer, postcard, business card, pen, magnet, candy or other creative filler. For mine I ask them to have a coupon or discount attached. It is nearly free advertising for both of you.

Go to and do a search for groups: wahm, home business, small business, moms in business, etc. On those groups offer FREE advertising swaps to the members. Swap your flyers. k/

I use this flyer  to swap with others. I can print it cheap on pastel paper at Lazar Quick or other local printer. Around $50/1000
You want to do swaps with others who have PARENTS as their target market. You usually only want one coupon per company in your packs. They do not need to be huge to be effective. You do not want your info to get lost in a huge pack.
I give these away on my web site, with orders, at the mall to parents with kids (you see moms everywhere), to new moms groups at the hospitals, at day care centers, at kids resale stores, at events. Everyone loves free coupons! I simply ask the group if they would like free parent coupon packs for their customers. They have all said YES!

Today I had to go to the mall 30 miles a way for a full day of shopping in preparation for my daughters wedding in 6 weeks. I took 30 packs with me. Every place we went I offered them to moms with kids in strollers. They were all thrilled. At the mall I put them in the nursing moms rooms. By doing this I got my companies info into 30 new hands, and I wrote off the mileage on my car for the day 60 miles x .36 = $21.60

Want to be in my coupon packs? Email me at with how many flyers/coupons you want to swap with me. I do not charge if you swap. I charge $20 per 100 to place your coupons in my packs if you are not distributing mine as well.

Where can you give away your mom packs or coupon packs?

1. With your orders
2. Doctor Office waiting rooms
3. To moms at the mall
4. Retail stores to set on counter
5. Toy stores
6. Babies R US events
7. Fairs, Booths, Events
8. All your classes/parties
9. Baby Shower
10. With birthday & shower gifts
11. Schools/preschools
12. Day Care Centers
13. PTA events
14. Scout groups
15. New Mom groups
16. Hospitals
17. Breastfeeding Support Groups
18. Park District Offices
19. Mom Nursing Rooms at the mall or stores
20. To your check out clerk while shopping

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