Do What You Do Best!

by Kay Green,
Copyright 2003-2013

I was looking at so many doing multiple direct sales companies. Some hop from company to company. How well is that working for you? How do you split you time between them? Is the one you are most passionate about the one you spend most of your time on? Is it the one bringing in the most income?

Many are looking for the perfect company in order to be successful. To me I finally listened to what a mentor told me. "Kay find what you are passionate about, what you do best and DO THAT? Stop trying to be all things to all people. What is your niche?"

That was such great advice. I was dabbling in multiple products and trying to make money in lots of ways. Every time something new came along that looked promising I tried that too. Finally I said I am going to WORK My Precious Kid® for the LONG haul, not the short run. Amazingly when I did that my business turned around.

I remembered that if I opened a store in town I would have to: advertise, tell people where I was, tell them I had a product they needed or wanted and convinced them they needed to buy it from me. That would take time and consistent effort each and every day to build up my clientele. I decided to do the same with my online business. That meant getting offline some and working person to person in my community as well as my online business. I realized with 3 million sites I would have to work hard to get a full business online only. It was Better to use my site to accent my offline business and help my customers I already had..

Beth Owen was an inspiration to me as well. She was working her business everyday with only 1 or 2 products and getting multiple orders monthly. She also had others selling for her. 

Last January (after being asked by several how they could do my business) I took on a couple sales reps. I had no idea that a year later I would have 80 reps working hard to make their business successful which in turn also helped my business be successful. And the fun part is I get to help and encourage them in how to run a successful business too.

I encourage you to ask God what you do best and what direction HE is leading your business. HE is the master business planner :) He is taken me farther than I could have imagined. And then do what you do best. Go where your passion is. And work your business for the LONG HAUL, not the short run.

Yes business means making adjustments in the products and the methods but the business remains the same. People know me as Kay of My Precious Kid®. That is a valuable thing not easily gained. Become know for what you do best. Get rid of the other business stuff that distracts you from doing your best on your primary business.

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