Building a Sales Team

By Kay Green,
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BUILDING - Whether you own your own company and produce your own product or are a representative of a direct sales company, building a sales team will allow you to make a greater profit with a residual income on another's sales. In the business world you make a profit on every item you sell or service you perform. That income is only limited by the number of hours in your day and the contacts you can make. To increase your income on your own sales/services you have to increase your hours or make more contacts. Building a sales team is another way to increase your income residually. Letting income build for you even in the days and hours you are not working or doubling your efforts when you are working by earning a percentage on your sales team members sales.

SELL FIRST - Often times people will start recruiting before they start selling. To be effective, your team members need to see you being successful and receive training from you. Having a solid foundation of your company and products will make recruiting easier. They look to you for guidance. I am not saying do not recruit until you are successfully selling. I am saying that you should not plan to recruit only and not sell. Usually you will make 20-50% profit when selling your products and only 2-5% on your recruits sales. You can see that there is a greater income for your own efforts. So work your business effectively and also recruit those customers who want to join your team to maximize your income.

SHARE - The way to recruit and build a team is the SHARE your message. Your passion and excitement for your company and products will naturally spill over. Some recruits will seem to fall in your lap as you share your enthusiasm. The other key is to ask every contact and customer "Have you ever considered running a successful home business along side your family activities?". You have now shared the opportunity with them. It is now in their court and up to them. Sometimes they will say "No thank you". If you offered a friend a piece of cake at your house and she said "No Thank You" you would not be offended. You have given her the choice and she made the best decision for herself. Just because one friend said No, does not mean you never offer cake to your other friends right? You offer it to each person allowing them to make the decisions for them self. Sometimes they will ask a question or need more information. Help them on the path to understanding and again let them decide. Sometimes they will say no with an objection. Listen carefully to see if the objection is a no or simply a need for more information. Sharing your opportunity with a friend is never pushy. Being pushy is not listening to their response or not being happy with their choice.

What friends in your home would you offer the cake too? Everyone there right? Of course you would. Likewise have you asked EVERY person you come into contact with if they want to join your team. If you do not offer it to them, you are deciding No for them. People prefer to be asked than to have their decision taken from them. I have built a sales team of 285 reps in 2 years by offering it to everyone not just a few.
Some reps will say "If I recruit them then I will have too much competition". I think that is not truth. When I started it was me and 1 product. Now it is me, my sales rep team, 20 products and over 100 other web sites offering my products too. I still get personal orders everyday. Why? There is always room at the top.

Many people in direct sales will not stay with it long enough or will not work their business seriously. Only a few will move to the top by working their business everyday and committing to the long term. Also with 3 billion people on this planet no one person can get to all of them. You can reach people in your community that another person can not. My experience has been, that the reps who are not making sales do not have too much competition, they are not making the 5-10 new contacts a day.

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