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My business is now 19 years old. We went from 1 product to 1600 product. I went from hoping for a couple orders a week to 450 orders a month.  How did I do it?


A. Get His leading for your business and niche
B. Ask for HIS wisdom in direction and provision
C. Tithe on your profits

2. PLAN for success before you get there.

A. Take time now to develop sales materials and a catalog.
B. Get a merchant account in order
C. Get online postage program like . It saves me hours plus tracks it all.
D. Set up your bookkeeping system now - mine Is QuickBooks.
E. Automate everything you can - like bank and credit cards go auto into QB program.
F. Plan out what you will include in every package.
G. Choose your shipping methods and where to get boxes. has free boxes.
I. Choose a shopping cart program. I use  - free cart and affiliate tracker

3. Work on SEO on your web site. Take Crickets free SEO class.

This class is why I now get 1500 visitors a day. She knows her stuff. I worked an hour a day or more while taking her class changing one page at a time.

A. Pick ONE key work phrase for each page.
B. Write 500 words content for each page
C. Make a separate page for each product
D. Make it easy for customers to buy from you
E. Put a site map of product pages on the bottom of each page.

4. Get hundreds of incoming LINKS - I have nearly 17,000 gotten one at a time

A. Write a blog on another site
B. Write articles
C. Submit your product to review sites
D. Sponsor a contest
E. Do link exchanges
F. Get listed in all the directories
I. Put "" with quotes into to see how many your URL has

5. Put out FLYERS/coupons

A. Join  or another group to swap coupons
B. Create coupon packs to give away
C. Send your flyers to anyone who will distribute them - I sent out 2500 yesterday to others
D. Give away your flyers all over town
E. Put them on bulletin boards and other public places

6. Make 5 personal CONTACTS every day.

A. Make a phone call asking someone to buy or date
B. Call organizations and offer to speak about your subject
C. Call school and offer a fundraiser
D. Call your park district and offer to teach a class
E. Call local small business and offer to sponsor an event
F. Call lead calls from fairs and booth events
G. Find more fairs and booth events

7. Be visible ONLINE & OFFLINE

A. Do online & offline fairs
B. Do online & offline parties
C. Visit chats
D. Go to classes and network groups


A. How will you fund inventory and business expenses
B. Get a credit card or credit line - use wisely
C. Plan to pay it off in full every month
D. Get one that gets you points or free flights

9. Plan ahead for when you need HELP

A. Use your kids
B. Use an independent contractor (who has a business license)
C. Hire employees (get set up in advance)

10. WORK your business as a business

A. Set work hours every weekday
B. Make plans for your kids during your working hours
C. Make deliberate working time - not accidental
D. Have a plan or to do list to accomplish


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Kay's first granddaughter Madison Kay was born December 2006. Twin grandsons Micah & Mason were born May 2009. Granddaughter Emma Kate was born in September 2010. Child Safety, Cloth Diaper & Baby Gear Store Author and Family Site Helping others build businesses
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