8 Ways to Bring Your Customers
Back Again

By Kay Green, www.MyPreciousKid.com
Copyright 2000-2013

Getting the customer to buy the first time is the hard part. Keeping the customer is the necessary part. Once you have a customer buy from you it if vitally important to present your best image as a business. Whether this is a purchase, a barter or a donation for some cause, how you appear as a business is important to the future of your business.

1. USE NEW SHIPPING MATERIALS ONLY - Use new shipping materials for your packages. Do not rely on re-used shipping materials that may contain cigarette smell, or the smells/residues of other products. You want to package they receive to look and smell clean.

www.USPS.com  offers free shipping boxes for priority mail.
Www.Uline.com  offers boxes and shipping materials at a great price

2. SEND PROFESSIONAL PACKAGES - Package your products in a way that looks professional. Cloth items should be clean and smell good. Wrap them in tissue paper or poly bags for shipping. Paper items should be enclosed in poly bags to prevent wrinkles and tears. Breakable items should have protective shipping supplies surrounding them. Create business labels on your computer for the boxes.

www.Associatedbag.com  self seal poly bags to put products in for shipping

3. ADD CONTACT INFORMATION - Add your contact information to every package. Make it easy for the customer to order again. Include a catalog, business card, information sheet, magnet and other items related to your product. Have "Re-order at 555-444-3333" stickers on every products that goes out.

4. GIVE A REASON TO ORDER - Give them a reason to order again SOON. Add a coupon offer free shipping or a percent off if they order again with in 30 days. Make is a dated track-able code number so you can tell how many customers are using it. The new scratch off stickers are awesome for this purpose. Hide the code under the scratch off sticker to give an incentive to "Scratch and Win"

5. GET TESTIMONIALS - Ask for testimonials and photos of their family using the products. Ask permission to use these on your web site. Happy customer testimonials give you credibility with customers.

6. SHARE WITH A FRIEND - Invite them to share your business URL with a friend or family member. Maybe include a "Share Package" that they can give away.

7. AVOID CIGARETTE SMELL - this smell can turn away a customer very quickly. Many people are even allergic to this odor. If you smoke, make your products storage and work area a "smoke free zone" Store you finished items in zip lock bags with a dryer sheet.

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