Back to School Safely

August is the month we begin to think about "Back to School" You know the normal tradition of buying new clothes and new school supplies. It is also the month to think about sending our kids "Back To School Safely". Will your kids be safe and protected when they go back to school? Here is a list of 8 ways to can protect your child and their belongings.

1. LABELS - We label our kids clothes and belongings. Lets also protect our kids by having them all wear a physical ID everyday at school. That can be an ID Bracelet, or Dog Tags I ordered personalized DOG TAGS for Haley. One each for her Backpack, Sports bag, and coat zipper pull. This leaves your contact phone numbers with your child at all times.

2. TEACH your kids what to do if they are ever lost. I teach my daughter to find another mommy and take off her shoe and ask the mom to use the sticker information to call me on my cell phone.

3. IDENTIFY - Use shoe stickers to identify all their belongings with your family name and several contact phone numbers. Do not however have the child's name in plain view to strangers (on back packs and lunch boxes). Put the info INSIDE. I got name labels to identify her school supplies.

4. FRIENDS - Know your children's friends, their names, addresses, and phone numbers. Remind them they are to never go to a friends after school without calling home FIRST!

5. DAILY PLAN - Talk each morning about the days plans and remind them to call you BEFORE changing any part of the daily plan.

6. CODE WORD- Teach them to never go anywhere with someone they do not know. Have a family CODE WORD that only family members know.

7. WALK or DRIVE them to and from school and the bus stop. In this day and age it is not safe to let our kids walk alone or wait alone for a bus.

8. MEDICAL RELEASE - Give every person who ever cares for your child in your absence a Medical Release ID Card. It contains a medical release signature that lets authorities treat your child in your absence plus all your family contact numbers. One goes to school, scouts, daycare, sports, preschool, church, grandma, and anyone else who has your child with them.

Children's safety has become a high priority in this day and age. As a parent I am thinking about every time my child leaves the house. I have learned to make sure she has her jacket, her lunch and her ID every day. Will you send your kids "Back to School Safely" this year too?

Kay & Haley Green

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