Finding God's Plan for My Business

By Kay Green,
Copyright 2000-2013

A few years ago I was doing dried floral design and had a busy business but was bored. I wanted a change and decided to go to just making hats with florals. I asked for God's blessing on it but did not ask for his leading in it. He allowed me to do it. Very quickly my sales fell off and I found myself hating what I was doing. I finally went to God and he let me know I had followed my lead not his UGH !

A few years ago I was selling one ID CARD product myself. I had to work really hard to convince parents they needed ID cards for their kids. I hit lots of bumps. God kept telling me " It was what HE asked me to do " - protecting HIS children. I was struggling along making a few sales.

I saw other people doing so well in other areas. I thought I can do that. Oh I could do this. A wise successful business woman said "Kay stop trying to do what others are doing. DO WHAT YOU DO BEST!" That was the best advice I ever got. I went back to the LORD and sought HIS face. He was clear that child safety was HIS plan for me. So I kept working.

Then a woman online that I knew was making personalized china baby shoes. I thought my personalization was hurting me. However she had more business than she could do alone. So I asked her lots of questions. She was very clear with me. She had lots of business because she went out looking for it everyday. She had a huge list of baby stores that she made contacts on every single day. She took her business seriously. And she treated it like a business not a hobby.

She said that so often people will want to be in business but not want to do the work to get there. Most will do the busy work but not do the every day contacts. She said most will also not make the long term commitment to make a business a success. A business is either growing or stopping.

I did a couple of press releases that got me nothing in return. Finally a third got me a couple of small mentions - no big orders. An author contacted me about our business. A year later an article came out on Woman's Day that really helped me.

So I got busy contacting businesses about buying wholesale. I sent out dozens of samples. And the reality was I got almost no orders from that. However I listened to their needs and ended up creating the do-it-yourself ID kits which totally changed my business. Then I had others who wanted to sell my products as well, so I created the wholesale program. That is was the beginning of large growth for my business.

My business is a success and makes a profit. But it also had lots of road blocks. At every one I tried to remember to go back to GOD to get HIS direction. Each step He showed me how to stay focused on HIS business plan. He showed me to add Baby Gear a few years ago and nearly double my business. And then He directed me to add Cloth Diapers in 2009. And that again increased my business.

1. Ask GOD what HIS plan is for your business
2. Ask for his direction to get there
3. Ask what HE wants you to learn from the road blocks.
4. Make a long term plan
5. Make 5 new contacts every day - asking them to buy or date or recruit in
6. Do not put all your eggs in one basket - one client - one promotion.
7. Every week work your business - contacting 25 new people asking them to buy or sell.
8. Have faith in God to take you thru what HE brings you too

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