Adjustable Locking Strap by Kidco

Adjustable Locking Strap is sure to make a difference in keeping your child out of potentially hazardous situations. Installation is quick and easy, and thanks to the adhesive mount, no tools are needed. The flexible design allows strap extension up to 8 1/2'', and it is ideal for use on your lazy susan, glass doors, appliances and more. This item is available in white or charcoal. This Kidco product is sure to serve your needs by helping to turn your home into the ideal safe haven that it should be.
-As seen on the Bob Vila television show and Bob
-Easy, adhesive mount installation, no tools necessary
-Flexible design allows strap extension up to 8 1/2''
-Ideal for use on lazy susan's, glass doors, appliances and more.

Item # 04-632 Kidco Adjustable Locking Strap
Furniture Brackets
  • Adjustable Locking Strap
  • As seen on the Bob Vila TV show and Bob
  • Easy, adhesive mount installation, no tools necessary
  • Flexible design allows strap extension up to 8 1/2"
  • Ideal for use on lazy susan's, glass doors, appliances and more
  • 1 lock consisting of 3 pieces
  • Able to extend up to 8.5"
  • Available in Charcoal
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Adjustable Locking StrapCUSTOMER COMMENTS: While searching for something to keep our 15 month old safe from pinched fingers on our lazy susan, I only found 2 safety devices available. I was skeptical about the adjustable locking strap but gave it a try and am glad I did. It was easy to install, it is easy to use, and the best part is that it keeps the cabinet from moving when our daughter pushes on it. I recommend this safety product!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: We've tried just about every child-resistant device on the market, and this one is far and away the best. We now have five in the house and I'm about to order two more. We use them in the pantry, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and on our media center to keep our toddler out of the electronics. They're versatile, strong, fairly difficult for a child to operate and yet easy for an adult, and they last a while (we've only had to replace one and it was on a frequently opened cabinet.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: I have 2 small children, 4 and 6. My 6 year old is very inquisitive and quite clever at learning various supposed "child-proof" locks and has figured out every one I have brought home within days. So I was looking for something a bit harder to maneuver - I would even be ok with having a half difficult time myself, if it would work well. These work very well for me, you have to push more than one button at the same time to get it to unlatch, so it requires coordination that may not yet be practiced in younger children. I use it on my refrigerator and freezer, and the kids have not gotten into it since I installed them! The only drawback, is depending on which direction you install them, the strap piece is a fairly sturdy piece of plastic, that, if facing a certain way, can prevent the fridge from shutting on it's own, I just have to be cognizant and remind the kids (when they can use the fridge) to move the strap out of the way so the door will shut. There is a way to remove the strap completely, however, so that is one way to resolve it; just attach it back on and lock it for the night! Great product, 2 thumbs up!!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: This product works great on my fridge. I have a 2yo who has learned to open my fridge constantly and this locking strap has worked perfectly to keep him out. Now he has to "ask" mom or dad to open the fridge for him. So easy to install and I think the adhesive works very well. So far so good -- I've had it on for almost a month now and it's still on. I would recommend this product.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: I bought one of these to keep my 2 year old out of my bathroom drawer. I was quite surprised at how well it works, for a "stick on" lock. After a month or so I bought more. I got one for the shoe cabinet and one for the DVD cabinet so the baby couldn't get into them anymore. I got so tired of finding shoes and DVDs all over the house. These solved those problems! I'm so happy not to have to pick these things up anymore, and they're so easy to open (but not for him!)!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: I love these. I have had such a hard time finding a product that actually works for my cabinets that a child cannot open. I was able to use these on my kitchen and bathroom cabinets that have no knobs. They were even flexible enough to work with drawers. I highly recommend this product for people without handles on their cabinets.


Item # 04-631 Dream Baby Angle Locks
Angle Locks
  • Locks in place automatically when drawer is shut
  • Extra-Value pack contains 2 or 4 Angle locks
  • Keeps children out of drawers and cabinets
  • Suitable for square corner drawers, cabinets, appliances and laundry rooms
  • Also suitable for refrigerators, freezers and laundry cabinets

Quantity: Color:
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Item #04-621 Kidco Magnetic Cabinet Lock - Starter Set
  Starter Set includes 2 locks and 1 key.

This cabinet lock is a magnetic lock that keeps cabinets
and drawers locked tight and guards against pinched fingers!
This magnetic  lock works on almost all styles of cabinets and
drawers, even those where you can't use a standard latch! 
  Add to Cart  Magnetic Cabinet Locks - Starter Set  $21.99
Item # 04-629 Dream Baby Cable Cabinet Lock
Cable Cabinet Lock
  • Secures cabinet doors quickly & easily
  • Prevent children from opening cabinets
  • Clever combination locking system
  • No tools or hardware required for installation
  • Adjustable length up to 15.75"
  Add to Cart  Cable Cabinet Lock  $11.99


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