ABC's to your Business

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This article will help you increase traffic, increase sales, and take your business to the next level of success.

Advertise your business in many places. Newspaper, magazines, online, offline, email. Get the word out that you have a product they need and want. It takes time and consistent work to get the word out. Do 5-10 contacts every day.

B-Business Cards
Give out 10 business cards a day: to the checker when you pay, at the table when you eat out, on bulletin boards, in your outgoing mail, with your info requests that you send out, with others peoples products, at sales counters, any time you hand money to someone, on magnets and leave in bathroom stalls and on cars. Write a personal note on the back "Call me for 10% off your first order by xx/xx/xx date". Leave flyers under your wipers for other to take. Have a bumper sticker with your phone number or web page. Put a decal on your window with your web page. Put your magnetic business cards on your car with a sign that says TAKE ONE. FREE BUSINESS CARDS HERE

C-Customer Contacts
Make 5-10 contacts every day 5 days a week. Keep a notebook or file system to track your customers. Keep track of personal notes about their likes, dislikes, what they order or want, personal family situation, anything that will help you serve them even better. This list will serve you well over time. Read Business Articles to learn more.

D-Day Care Providers
Call all the daycare centers and preschools and offer to do a free safety class for their parents or a fundraiser or offer them the products at wholesale if they join My Precious Kid®. Look up the ads in the newspaper for daycare openings. Call them and tell them you saw their ad.

Get your event layout set up: a demo board with demo products attached; a drawing box with drawing slips that ask if they want info on a party, a fundraiser, buying, or selling; your flyers and catalogs and business cards; payment methods; recruiting packets; fundraiser packets. Have a professional look for your booth and your personal attire. Wear a name tag.

F-Follow through
Follow through is one of the most important parts of your business. When you mail or email information always follow up with in 5 days asking for the sale or set the date. People will forget to call you. I like to call before I send info to make sure I have the name of the person I am sending it to so I can address it by name. Also follow through on all sales or events. Good customer service will bring you return business. Always give more than is expected.

Use your products for all gift giving occasions: birthday gifts, baby showers, teachers, etc. You buy at wholesale so can give a nicer gift. It gets your name and product in front of people. Make sure you are using your own products too. I like to make gift baskets up with our products and other items from the dollar tree. What about as corporate gifts for companies that have parents as employees. Approach them about giving your products.

Contact your local doctors (OB/GYN and Pediatrician) and hospitals about buying your products to give away to new patients or new babies. Hospital gift shops buy products all the time. Also hospitals have new mom support groups where you can give coupons away. Leave literature in waiting rooms for new moms.

Your own web site offers customer service and ordering 24/7 for your customers. Make it "sticky" offering things that bring people back: a drawing or contest, a newsletter to sign up for, coupons, freebies, safety info and resources. Put your web site URL on everything you hand out: business cards, catalogs, flyers, etc. Put it on your car too. Contact other web sites and offer your services or products. Ask to swap advertising with some with the same traffic market.

J-Just Ask
Ask the closing question! "How many do you want?" "When would be a good time for your fundraiser?". If you just show your items and never ask, most will not offer to buy. Ask the question!!!

In our business kids safety is our focus. Where do kids hang out? Where are their parents? Put your flyers and catalogs in those places. Call all kid friendly organizations about doing a fundraiser or safety class for parents.

L-Let the Products speak for you
Have your products with you at all time. Have your children using and carrying it on their car seats, diaper bags, back packs. Give it for gifts whenever possible. People will ask you where you found it and then you an sell to them too.

I collect coupons from other home businesses. I trade my coupons with them. It is a win-win for both. Then I make up packs of these coupons. On the front on the 8.5x5.5 envelope I print FREE MOM COUPONS. We I go to the mall I give them away to moms with kids in strollers. I have never been turned down yet. I simply ask if they would like some free coupons.

Birth announcement: Look up the address in the phone book and send them a coupon for your product; Fundraisers: call or write and offer your products to them as an additional fundraiser; Organization: see if you can join to network or offer your services or products; Awards and Recognition: write a note of congratulations with your card and flyer; Classifieds: Those offering child card may become a customer or recruit.

Really watch and listen to your contacts. Find out what they need and want. Then you can offer services or products to meet those needs. It is about what fits them not you. People will show or tell you how your products and services will benefit them if you are paying attention.

When you are in public are you always prepared to do business. Keep catalogs, business cards, and products with you. Wear your name tag anytime you are dressed for business. And give sales materials to any person you are doing business with.

Q-Quick Response
Give the extra with every business contact. Make return calls or emails promptly. Get your orders deliver sooner than they expect. Give a little something extra to your customers. Make them remember you positively.

Ask your satisfied customer if she knows someone else who would like your product or service. I also keep cards on other businesses so I can give referrals too. I like to give a small gift to anyone who refers a new customer to me.

S-Serve, Save, Sell
Where can you serve or give into your community. This brings good will and over all helps your community and your business name. Save all contact info on every customer. It will give you contacts when you hit a slow time. Sell your self and your passion for your products and services. Your enthusiasm will sell for you.

T-Talk to strangers
I love standing in line. It gives me a chance to meet strangers. When I ask what they do, they ask what I do. A perfect opportunity to tell about the benefit of working from home. I have met lots of customers and new friends this way. Be sure you have a business card with you and ask for their card too,

U-Understand Your Product
DO you know the benefits and features of every product you sell? Open them, look at them, use them, Know the standard uses and benefits as well as he more unusual. Be able to answer any question about your products. Use them yourself so you become an expert.

V-Vary Your Routine
Go to new stores, new businesses, new areas of town to be able to meet new people to share your business with. I went to a new nail salon today and was able to give out catalogs and share my products with 5 new moms.

W-Waiting Rooms
Leave literature in any waiting room you can find. Magazine racks and literature racks also work. When you wait you always look or something new to read. Let them read yours. Make sure it is professional looking! Have someone spell check your materials.

X-EXpect the Best
Attitude is everything. EXpect to succeed. Imagine your success. Plan for your success. Give the eXtra. Be eXtraordinary. Set an positive eXample for others. Give eXcellent samples.

Y-Yard Sign
Put a sign in yard to tell others that MPK Products are sold here. Your neighbors will get to know it too. You never know how many referrals you will get from that.

Z-Zoom to your Success
Your success is only up to you. You decide to work your business consistently with zoom and zest. You set the path and goals before you to succeed. Surround yourself with others who are zooming to success too.

Some of these examples have come from my years of experience in direct sales.
Some have been gleaned from Christie Northrup books and seminars.
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