Item # 01-0300 DNA Fingerprint Kit - MADE IN THE USA!
Fingerprint Kit 1 - Fingerprinting Card
1 - FBI approved Ink strip
1 - DNA Sample Bag with Instructions
1 - Child profile card in protective sleeve!
No ID Cards
CPSC CPSIA Compliant

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This DNA Fingerprinting kit is complete protection for one child for one year. Update annually. This child's ID card is also good when traveling with the child. I use mine for my child's photo ID when flying. It shows age and birth date for getting student rates at the movies or amusement park.
Each ID card holds child’s photo, thumbprint, name, address, weigh, height, birth date, emergency contact numbers, doctor name and number, dentist’s name and number, insurance info, plus a medical release signature allowing for immediate medical treatment when parent is not available or can not speak for the child. For the best protection of your child protection kit renew information annually

Place one ID card inside the parents wallet incase a child ever wanders away in public. Every thing you need to give to officials is on the card to help speedy the recovery of your child.  

Hook & Loop one Car Seat ID Card onto the child's car seat or auto booster seat. This card protects in a car accident. It gives paramedics everything they need to treat the child immediately including a medical release signature, medical conditions, height, weight, and their doctors name and number. If the child is unharmed it gives police the phone number of several trusted adults to come get the child.

Use the enclosed ink strip play "Blue's Clues Paw Print" with your child making one fingerprint for each of the 10 fingers. Fill out the Child DNA Fingerprint Booklet

For the DNA sample either take a clean cotton swab and run inside child's cheek. Set it in a cup to dry. Then cut it off and place in the bag enclosed. OR with a clean hair brush, brush the child's hair vigorously. Remove several hair samples with root attached and place in bag.

Put the Child profile, fingerprint card, and DNA sample back in the re-useable bag. Place them in a safe place with your child's shot records. can hand the card in my wallet to anyone she is going to stay with so they have a medical release signature if needed in my absence. The car seat card goes with them when ever they travel in another person's car protecting them as well. Is your child protected when you are not there?


Item # 01-0100 Child Safety Pack - ID Kit - Made in the USA!
Child Safety Pack 1 - Child ID Card
1 - Child Car Seat ID Card
1 - Medical Release Card
1 - Child Luggage Tag ID Card
3 - Disposable Child ID bracelet
1 - Child DNA Fingerprint Kit
Optional Waterproof pen is available
CPSC CPSIA Compliant

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Item # 01-1200 Child Safety Pack PLUS - Child ID Kit - MADE IN THE USA!
Child Safety Pack PLUS 1 - Child ID Card  1 - Car Seat ID Card
1 - Medical Release Card   1 - DNA Fingerprint Kit
1 - Luggage Tag ID Card  
3 - Disposable Child ID Bracelet
1 - Identitee Contact Card & Stick on Pocket
1 - Toothprint Dental Impression  1 - Shoe ID Tag
CPSC CPSIA Compliant
Child ID Kit Made by My Precious Kid
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Child Safety Pack PLUS - Child ID Kit $24.99
Limited to stock on hand.

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