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Item # 01-0300 DNA Fingerprint Kit - MADE IN THE USA!
Fingerprint Kit 1 - Fingerprinting Card
1 - FBI approved Ink strip
1 - DNA Sample Bag with Instructions
1 - Child profile card in protective sleeve!
No ID Cards
CPSC CPSIA Compliant

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DNA  DNA Fingerprinting flyer with room for child profile: name, address, phone, social security number, parents name, blood type, doctor’s name and number, dentist name and number, nick name, chronic illnesses, medications, allergies, photo, age, height, weight, physical description and marks. DNA Fingerprinting protection is insurance in case your child is ever missing! Please do not wait until it is too late to do this.
Item # 01-0100 Child Safety Pack - ID Kit - Made in the USA!
Child Safety Pack 1 - Child ID Card
1 - Child Car Seat ID Card
1 - Medical Release Card
1 - Child Luggage Tag ID Card
3 - Disposable Child ID bracelet
1 - Child DNA Fingerprint Kit
Optional Waterproof pen is available
CPSC CPSIA Compliant

  Add to Cart   Child Safety Pack $15.99

Item # 01-1200 Child Safety Pack PLUS - Child ID Kit - MADE IN THE USA!
Child Safety Pack PLUS 1 - Child ID Card  1 - Car Seat ID Card
1 - Medical Release Card   1 - DNA Fingerprint Kit
1 - Luggage Tag ID Card  
3 - Disposable Child ID Bracelet
1 - Identitee Contact Card & Stick on Pocket
1 - Toothprint Dental Impression  1 - Shoe ID Tag
CPSC CPSIA Compliant
Child ID Kit Made by My Precious Kid
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Child Safety Pack PLUS - Child ID Kit $24.99
Limited to stock on hand.

Other products that contain DNA Fingerprinting Kits.

Fingerprint Evidence
Courtesy of http://www.nolo.com

A brief explanation of the techniques involved in gathering and using fingerprint evidence.

In this day and age of high-tech crime-solving methods, especially DNA typing, the lowly art of fingerprint identification sometimes seems lost. In fact, fingerprint evidence is highly reliable and particularly accessible to juries: You don't need a Ph.D. or a scientific lecture on genetics to understand that your own fingers contain a contour map of ridges and whorls that is completely unique. And unlike the theories behind DNA matching, no one seriously doubts this assumption.

Fingerprints were first used in the United States by the New York prison system in 1903. Today, the FBI has a collection of prints that numbers in the millions.

And it is increasingly popular for parents to ask local police departments or schools to fingerprint their young children.

Fingerprint evidence rests on two basic principles:

Because judges normally accept these principles as true, parties seeking to offer fingerprint evidence at trial do not have to convince the judge of the validity of the methodology underlying fingerprint evidence.


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